Tamagotchi tama go dating place

06-May-2016 19:23

The game allows you to raise your very own virtual creature.

It begins with an egg that hatches and then you care and love your Tamagotchi to have it grow from a toddler, to a teenager, to an adult.

Tamagotchi Friends has 3 eggs, 2 babies, 4 children, 6 teenagers and 24 adult characters.

We started with a girl – Pinkbotchi (baby who then grew into Petithanatchi (child stage).

Door – This takes you to the outside area to play a game, shop, park, PC or Date Place.

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Tamagotchi Friend is an interactive virtual friend that responds and develops differently depending on how you treat it.

Of course, the Tamagotchi Friends does have updated features like a better screen resolution and being able to ‘bump’ it with different Tamagotchis.