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Hint: you can only use the cheat once but when you tamagotchi dies you can do it again.

Unlockable How to unlock -------------------------------------- CBAACABC - FREE COSTUME/STUFFED ANIMAL ABCCABAC - FREE DRUM ACBCABAC - FREE HAIR GEL/POTION BCBACABA - FREE LOVE POTION BACBCACB - FREE STEAK Senior Characters: ------------------ Unlockable How to unlock ---------------------------------------------------- Oyitochi or Ojitochi - Don't Feed Unhealthy Snacks Mametochi or Mimitochi - Feed Snacks Different messages: ------------------- You will get a "sad" message if you restart your Tamagotchi and send it home.

To get Masktchi (Racoon) or Zuccuchi (Guy with for legs and big ears) you must never discipline it and discipline it when it does not need it.

When you retrieve your creature he'll have grown up!

If you raise it until it leaves, you will get a "happy" message.

Do the same every day and your pet will be adult in just 9 days..

Mametchi or Mimitchi: --------------------- If you want mametchi or mimitchi just feed it with snacks and when it needs discipline just praise it and it will all pay off because hey you've got the pet you want Free Stuff: ----------- Go to the corner store (only on version 1,2,3 and 4) and press A three times in two seconds to suprise the shop keeper then type in the code.

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To Get Nyrotchi (The red snake) or Kusatchi (the flower) you must treat it like Ginjirotchi and Poochichi except let it keep asking for attention.To get Tarakotchi (guy with purple lips) or Takotchi (guy with anttena on head) you must always let it ask for attention and never discipline it.