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23-Mar-2015 11:46

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“I remember that.” “That’s hilarious,” Lautner said.

“Um…I mean…yeah, I’ve dated some people,” Taylor admitted.”You dated Taylor Swift,” Michele told her blushing co-star.

He really has been a new muse for Taylor.” Taylor Swift dated DJ Calvin Harris from February 2015 until May 2016 and weeks later, she and Hiddleston were spotted on a beach in Rhode Island making no attempts at keeping their romance to themselves.

Following the release of the photos, Harris seemingly called out Swift when he removed a tweet claiming he still respected her and posted several other cryptic tweets, which he later deleted.

In the past, Taylor Swift has been known to write songs, both good and bad, about her past flames, and now that she’s dating Hiddleston, fans are waiting in the wings to hear her upcoming songs. “He listens to all her musical ideas and has been encouraging her as she writes new lyrics for songs — and she has lots to write about.

The whole process has been easy for her as long as Tom is around.

Taylor Swift may be in the midst of writing new songs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean her love life is peachy keen.

According to a new report, Taylor Swift’s relationship with boyfriend Tom Hiddleston may be on the rocks due to her past, and possibly present, romance with Taylor Lautner and the ongoing media scrutiny, which Hiddleston is reportedly stressed out about.