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In the case of Truther.org, a national or international emergency response will likely ensue.

The BBC report stated that “Because the 911 service is classed as critical infrastructure, interfering with its operation is treated, in Arizona, with the same severity as human trafficking or second-degree murder”.

The timely report from CNN, the largest propaganda network in the world, stated that “Fake news has become a plague on social media networks like Facebook” and that everyone should “Triple check before you share”.

In short, police and/or military personal may be called to a terror target only to find out that the cause of the alarm was fraudulent in nature.

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The headlines was specifically designed to sell the notion of a real-world 9/11-style attack.

The 18-year-old was charged with three counts of computer tampering after “accidentally” swamping Arizona’s emergency services with thousands of bogus 911 telephone calls, “threatening emergency services across Arizona”.

Consequently, one or more persons will allegedly die in the impending fake emergency response.

In order to raise the notion of fake news on an international level just prior to a terror alert being held responsible for prompting a public panic or real-world emergency , CNN published a report on October 30′, 2016, entitle ““.

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In order to set the precedent for an allegedly fake terror alert reaching millions of people just prior to ist fruition in reality, CNN published a report on November 2, 2016, entitled “5 Stunning Fake News Stories That Reached Millions”.

That same day, November 2, 2016, a CIA-spawned publicity stunt was executed which by a Fox News anchor as detailed in the CNN Report entitled “Fake Story About Obamas, Hillary Clinton Ensnares Hannity”.