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01-Oct-2015 14:59

and 8 bodyguards * Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston preparing for Ellen outing * Tom Hiddleston follows Taylor Swift's lead with Loki snap * Hiddleswift is out and the Taylor Swift 'boob job' rumours are in * Tom Hiddleston mercilessly mocked by fans for his I Heart T. Which is ironic, because if we cast our minds back over the Tom-Taylor relationship timeline (and I'll admit to being obsessed, it was the only news story this summer that didn't imply the end of the world was imminent) it began at the Met Ball, which is akin to starting a romance by taking out a full page ad in Vogue to declare your intentions.

Within weeks, they were at the beach with several of Swift's best friends, Hiddleston wearing an ''I heart TS'' tank top.

"He was talking about having kids on the second date! She rang his phone and an unfamiliar woman picked up. Far too soon, I asked him to spend the summer in the south of France with my folks, and organised "casual drinks" for everyone to meet my new man.

If any news outlet has an interest in who you're seeing and what you're doing with them, you can cover as much ground in a month as a pair of "civilians" can do in a year.

Every piece of jewellery is a rumoured engagement ring, every big dinner a baby bump.

She met his mother at a point when most of us would be struggling with the correct spelling of a new partner's surname.

Of course, conspiracy theories abounded, and plenty of Hiddleswift deniers claimed it was nothing but a "Showmance", or "Fauxmance".

But love doesn't always win, and Hiddleswift are reportedly going their separate ways.READ MORE: * Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift have broken up * Taylor Swift enjoys Aussie date with Tom Hiddleston... Pull the other one Calvin Harris is not giving up on Taylor Swift or at least criticizing her and her new relationship with Tom Hiddleston as she visited his Mom and he visited her parents. The alleged reason for the break-up is that Hiddleston was desperate to take Swift to the Emmys, and she balked at being his "arm candy" and claimed to be uncomfortable with the relationship being so public.

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