Technorati not updating embarssing dating stories

12-Jun-2015 07:54

That said, the setup is good and the presenters look the part - maybe with a big of practice it'll cease to look so clunky.

Pros • The opportunity to grow is definitely there.• In such a small company, it’s easy to make a positive impact, and it’s noticed.• The industry is incredibly exciting, and the company has a strong team.• Most recently, Technorati sponsored my personal development through a PM course.• Technorati has a strong focus on the work-life balance.

You probably won't be a full pajama-clad 24/7 WFH employee but it's not an issue if you have something to do that prevents you from making it into the office.

Advice to Management • Keep hiring strong candidates.• Preserve the culture we have.• In addition to strong hires, make sure your employees are challenged but not overloaded.• Recognize your employee’s strengths and push them in the right direction.• The skills around the office have changed over time.

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Unfortunately, they're not exactly up to par with their You Tube brethren: it's poorly scripted and the editing seems lacking.

I also wonder who the audience might be: the tech bloggers aren't necessarily interested in politics and vice-versa.