Tell children dating after divorce

11-May-2016 18:14

Some children will resent anyone you might date, while others will attach too quickly to someone who may not be in your life more than a few weeks or months.

Do you know which tendency your child is likely to experience?

What if one keeps his distance and the other attaches?

All the more reason to keep your bring a new partner into your world – or theirs – inappropriately, unsafely, or too fast.

Some children may be comfortable with our online dating, our going out, our parade of coffee or drink encounters, or fix-ups for those who still engage in the personal introduction. They’re threatened, they’re jealous, they’re conflicted. Sometimes, they can be more on target when it comes to judging who we’re dating than we are.

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Over time, there were other explorations: the genuinely Nice Guy, trying out a different physical type, a different emotional type, or a different age range. It’s a bit like living through adolescence again, with all the disappointment and heartbreak that entails, but happily – without zit cream and braces.

Life after divorce is a good time for discovery – as long as you don’t ignore what your children are going through, and how your exploration might mess with their heads – or their hearts.