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Rigevda contains several Suktas containing description of Usha as a God. Please refer “Usha Devata” by Pt Sri Pad Damodar Satvalekar as part of “Simple Translation of Rigveda (Rigved ka subodh bhashya)”.

Page 121 to 147 for summary of all such verses spread across entire Rigveda.

Atharva Ved Atharva 11.5.18In this mantra of Brahmcharya Sukta, it is emphasized that girls too should train themselves as students and only then enter into married life. I am the emblem, I am the head, I am supreme and now I dictate; my husband must conform to my will; rivals now I have none.

The Sukta specifically emphasizes that girls should receive the same level of training as boys. My sons are destroyers of my enemies; my daughter is a queen; and I am victorious. O enlightened, I have offered that oblation which has been offered by the one, the most illustrious and thus I have become renowned and most powerful; I have freed myself from my rival damsels.

When girls ignore external objects and develops foresight and vibrant attitude through power of knowledge, she becomes provider of wealths of skies and earth. Protector of children, having definite knowledge, worth thousands of prayers and impressing all directions, O women, you accept prosperity. I am free from rivals; I am now the destructress of rivals, victorious and triumphant; I have seized other’s glory as if it were the wealth of weaker dames, who do not endure long.

In summary: Yajur 31.11In this mantra the Brahman, kshatriya, vaishya and shudra are there in each human body.

Brahmin from the head, king from the shoulders, vaishya from the thigh, and shudra by feet.