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11-Sep-2016 08:59

With each Kindle release, the non-verified Kindle owners were consistently four times more likely to give a one star review than the Amazon Verified Reviewers—the ones who actually purchased a Kindle. Let’s look at the reviews from the verified purchasers.

The percentage of one star ratings each new Kindle edition receives doubles from 2% with Kindle 1, to 4% with Kindle 2, and then moves up to 5% with Kindle DX.

If you’re posting a chart in the NYTimes, you’d better have read your Stephen Few and Edward Tufte. When your charts are the main support for your story, you’d better get them right. Bilton did get the table of numbers to the left of the pie charts correct.

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Amazon,, analytics, bad graph, bad pie chart, bar chart, Bits blog, business intelligence, business intelligence guru, data visualization, data viz, info viz, information visualization, Kindle, Kindle DX, Marc Harfeld, New York Times, Nick Bilton, pie chart, Seth Godin “Is Amazon Working Backward? Bilton should know better than to use pie charts because it’s really hard to determine the percentages when we’re looking at parts of a circle. Perhaps he’d be better served by relying on them over the pie charts to make his point. When you’re analyzing something, you shouldn’t compare opposite populations while ignoring their differences. Godin cited 4 specific problems with the piece, ranging from the graphs being wrong (later corrected) to Bilton misunderstanding the nature of early adopters. Godin writes, “Many of the reviews are from people who don’t own the device.” Obviously, it’s hard to take a review of a Kindle seriously if the reviewer doesn’t own a Kindle.

However, this evidence provides very weak support for Bilton’s claim that Kindle owners are getting progressively less happy.

I don’t recall a single complaint from him about the Newton, despite it not being able to recognize handwriting, which was its main selling point. Godin’s claim that many of the reviewers don’t own a Kindle intrigued me the most.If I could quantify the number of one star reviewers who don’t own a Kindle then I could show the difference in one star ratings between the two groups, owners and non-owners. Bilton used for his analysis, 18,587 reviews in all.