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Monica Quan, 28, was a basketball coach at Cal State Fullerton.

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It was all shaping up into a horrible cliché: successful middle-aged businessman travels to America and meets an impressionable young woman while his wife, oblivious to his antics, stays at home looking after their children. Experts say secrecy is key: if a partner fails to tell his or her spouse about meetings or conversations with someone and behaves with them in a way they would not wish their partner to know about, that is emotional infidelity.

SWAT officers search cars coming down highway 38 during the manhunt for former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner, in Yucaipa, California February 12, 2013.

A gunman thought to be the fugitive ex-cop shot and killed one police officer and wounded another in a gun fight with sheriff's deputies who tracked him down to a mountain cabin northeast of Los Angeles on Tuesday, police said.

He shot the two victims dead last Sunday in their car in the parking lot of their condominium complex in Irvine, Calif.

He is also suspected to have shot and killed a police officer in Riverside on Thursday, hours after he was identified as the suspect for the couple's killings.

33-year-old Dorner, the fugitive killer cop who was on the run after killing 3 people in California last week, had been hiding in the cabin in the San Bernardino Forest, where a single shot was heard before the cabin engulfed in flames when members of the SWAT team reportedly threw gas canisters into the windows. 12, hundreds of shots were fired between Dorner and officers and two San Bernardino sheriff deputies were shot; one died and another wounded.The shootout started when a warden recognized Dorner in stolen pickup truck.He fired shots as he fled and crashed the truck, eventually leading him to try and escape by foot - leading him to the cabin.Dorner had released a disturbing 6,000 word manifesto after murdering Monica Quan and her fiance Keith Lawrence last week, explaining the 'motive' for his killings.

Authorities said they presumed the shooter to be Dorner, 33, who is suspected of a revenge-fueled killing spree targeting police and their families.

(Photo : REUTERS) The charred body Christopher Dorner is believed to have been found in the cabin where a fierece shootout took place between him and SWAT teams yesterday.