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13-Mar-2015 18:55

She hopes to get around to writing a novel one day, but for now relationships, entertainment, and pop culture keep her busy.

You’re probably your friends with benefits’ number one hook up, at least for awhile, but guaranteed, your fuck buddy has a few other girls on speed dial in case you don’t answer fast enough.

A friends with benefits will show up to your birthday party, but a fuck buddy will just meet you after to give you your gift (aka his dick) in private.

A friends with benefits will go out for breakfast with you the next morning, but a fuck buddy won’t even stick around to see the sun come up.

A friends with benefits knows when your birthday is, what you like on your pizza, and that you have two sisters.

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A friends with benefits will ask you how your day was, a fuck buddy will ask you how the sex was.A friends with benefits will make plans to hook up later in the week, while a fuck buddy will text you at 1am on Saturday night to see if you’ll be DTF in the next 30 minutes.