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Add another class, Photo Helper, that does the job of executing database queries. The Photo Helper class consists of five methods, as shown in Table 3: Table 3: Methods of the Photo Helper class The static constructor simply reads the database connection string from the web.config using Configuration Manager class. Storing BLOBs directly inside SQL server provides the following advantages: In summary, depending on the application being developed, you should decide whether storing BLOB data in SQL Server is the way to go. To read BLOB data, you need to use the Sql Data Reader class of ADO. The use of Sql Data Reader class to read BLOB data can be best understood with an example. Close(); return i; } The Insert() method uses Sql Command object's Execute Non Query() method to add a new photo record into the Photos table. The photo parameter that represents binary data is constructed with the Var Binary data type.That said, generally CMS systems, photo albums, slide show applications, document management systems, and so forth are good candidates for storing BLOBs inside SQL Server. You will develop a simple application that manages photos stored in a SQL Server database. The Value property of the photo parameter holds a byte array containing the photo data.The retrieved connection string is stored in a static variable for later use. It is shown in Listing 3: Listing 3: Insert() method of Photo Helper class public static int Insert(Photo p) { Sql Connection cnn = new Sql Connection(str Conn); Sql Command cmd = new Sql Command(); cmd. Command Text = "insert into photos(title,description,photo) values(@title,@description,@photo)"; Sql Parameter title = new Sql Parameter("@title", p. Title); Sql Parameter description = new Sql Parameter("@description", p.

Notice that you have used the auto-implemented property syntax of C# to define the properties.

Description); Sql Parameter photo=new Sql Parameter("@photo", Sql Db Type.

To work through this example, you will need a SQL Server database with a table named Photos. Table 2: Schema of Photos table Notice that you have used the varbinary(MAX) data type for Photo column instead of the traditional Image data type.

You will now develop a web site that allows the users to add, modify, and delete individual records of the Photos table. If you wish, you can add a new database to its App_Data folder to create the Photos table. Listing 1: Properties of Photo class The Photo class has four public properties: Photo ID, Title, Description, and Photo Data.

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If you move your application from one server to another, you must manually ensure that physical files representing product images are shipped along with the rest of the application.

Also, any deletions to the database records also must be played on the physical image files.