The diva dating manual

20-Jun-2016 04:12

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dating someone in the secret service

I’ve gotten word that many groups all around the country (and Canada!

) have teamed up to throw their own Amazing Race dating adventure after reading about mine.

I hope this inspires you to get a little creative–and adventuresome with some of your date nights!

I’m happy to get to share the details of what we did with you, so you can plan your own great date–whether for Valentine’s Day, or any memorable date night!

I’m so excited to be an honorary Dating Diva for the day!

My name is Kendra and I blog about all the crazy, crafty ideas I get over at My Insanity.

Unfortunately, I’m realizing there aren’t enough of them have to do with keeping romance alive, even though, I too, am married to a hottie…

…so I think the Dating Divas blog is fabulous and love all of the energy and fun those ladies put into romancing their men!

I’m sure you can come up with clever ways to adapt it for your circumstances, if you and your man like a little adventure with your romance!

We instructed our husbands to meet at the church at the designated time.