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As well as having to notify his details to the police for the rest of his life, the offender will then be supervised on licence by the Probation Service for no less than 10 years, with conditions that prohibit contact with Gina or going into the area where she lives.As well as physical harm, Gina experienced continuing emotional and mental distress as a result of the offence.

Gina was kept informed of the stages of sentence and consulted about conditions she would want to see included in a release licence.Planning for the offenders' eventual release takes place through MAPP meetings, but the offender will only be released once the parole board has decided that this should happen.The work of MAPPA operates according to national guidance and national standards.Gina was subjected to a serious sexual assault and the offender was arrested and charged.

The board reviews how effectively the systems are working through regular audits, disseminates good practice and sets objectives for the year ahead in an annual business plan.

A MAPPA report, which details performance, statistics, future developments and local MAPPA contacts, is published annually.