Thoughts that keep us from dating women dating problems

09-Jan-2016 18:55

Let me encourage you not to jeopardize or jettison what sounds like a wonderful woman and relationship simply because you are not completely without worry or trepidation about marriage.

One thing to mention straight away is that you seem to be relying a lot on feelings to make this really significant decision ("unsettled," can't get "completely at peace," etc.).

If I've understood you correctly, you seem even to be elevating certain feelings to a level of decisive authority as to whether you should proceed.

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This is the main passage supporting the doctrine of the "sufficiency of Scripture," which just means that God's Word is sufficient to guide us in all areas of life and doctrine — even areas of life not explicitly dealt with in Scripture.

As a general matter, I would encourage you to look to God's Word in your decision-making instead of waiting for an authoritative "feeling" from God. There are a couple of other things to consider that are more specific to your situation.

I've been pursuing a woman for about six months, and I'm still unsettled.

Our relationship began in the most honorable way possible on my end, and the Lord really has given us a lot of unity in our beliefs about Scripture, the family, money, and physical intimacy.

Your question about how to seek God more "accurately" on this is a great one to ask.

Let me offer some thoughts that I hope will lend helpful perspective.