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13-Mar-2016 13:49

Zooey Deschanel, Kristen Bell, Katy Perry, Felicia Day are all good choices.Basically any cute, quirky women who rock big eyes, bangs and eyeglasses.Community Q&A If your boyfriend or girlfriend is simply “adorkable” show your allegiance and love for all things geeky.

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If you’re a modern guy who’s into technology, you might be super flattered to discover that female-oriented blogs think your category of man is quite a catch — so much that women should adopt a fake persona just to attract one.

According to Chip Chick, noteworthy traits of authentic geeks often include wealth, and what often goes along with the affluence is a young demographic (20- to 30-somethings).

And geeked-out attire with sexy lines don’t hurt either.

(Read: Tight-fitting Mario and Warcraft shirts apparently works wonders.) Step 2) Choose a geek TV show — and learn everything about it.

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(Genuine she-geeks don’t need the help, since they’re already on the same wavelength with their male brethren.) Is it offensive to see what amounts to a tipsheet on how to dupe guys with tricks? When I wrote “5 Tips for Snagging a Techie Girl” last year, the idea was to help readers put their best foot forward — not con anyone with falsehoods.

But let’s put authenticity aside for a second, and cut to the chase: In the real world, would these geek-seeking steps even work?