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So being the way i am i just took my money and he was very apologetic about it and paid for some of my fuel to come up there.

Found the A-Frame from the steering colum to the shock towers were both sheered off.

The bulkhead had a dent in it from where the y-pipe hit it, and on the very front of the bulk head i could see where it appeared as though a rock hit it and may have been the culprit here.

I called a BRP dealer and gave them the VIN to find out more on this sled and how many miles it had on it, ive heard about arnie rolling the miles back by replacing the odometer.

Didnt appear to be the case with this sled but they said it was actually their demo sled and was rode hard and arnie about it from them.

Sled looked great in pics and they both assured me it was in excellent condition.

Ive been busy working so i finally was able to go get it this weekend.

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