Together dating san antonio

28-May-2015 12:04

I joined almost two years ago and I've had three dates TOTAL.

I speak with a different person almost every time I receive contact from them.

They seldom call, maybe once every three months, and not always with a match.

They called twice with the same match who did not meet my criteria (too many children).The person calling typically does not have my file handy and does not know the preferences or anything else about me.Looking to talk to a lawyer with other people who were lied to by Together. I to have been burned by this company's deceptive practices and after giving them plenty of time to make right on the situation, I am preparing to file suit.My main complaint, aside from the rude personnel, is that they misrepresented the entire program by claiming to match you based on the criteria you supply. They are unapologetic about it and are trying to shove women to me that do not match. A possible class action lawsuit may be an option as well.

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