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24-Sep-2016 18:18

Some were even under the age of consent: “Hey 15 here.” “16 male willing to - pretty much any of the toilets in lakeside or around.” “After jailbait lol tut tut lol.” Rebecca says this was just a small offering of the terrifying posts she found. Hundreds of posts, thousands, one local shopping centre alone.

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She then shares the fear she has of her children walking into this sort of thing.

“I’m going to assume that a large part of the thrill is the risk of being caught,” she says.

“A risk that also includes being caught by an 8,10,13 or 15 year old.

“There is tinder, grindr, snapchat and the internet out there… If you want to feel risk, open a window into your own backyard to feel the breeze, put a picture of Hawaii on your desktop and do whatever the hell you like as consenting adults.” “Doing it near a child isn’t justified, no matter how sexually adventurous you want to be.” Rebecca reported the matter to the police, who are taking it seriously and taking action.

Rebecca wrote a Facebook post about the disturbing messages she’d read, warning other parents that the restrooms are being used to host casual hook-ups, and that any children could be exposed to - or even involved in - sexual acts.Go into the next one with the metal plate on the ground that acts as a mirror.” “The toilets directly next to Boost Juice at Lakeside Joondalup shops are really cruisey.

In 2001-2005, Peggy Giordano and her colleagues at Bowling Green State University interviewed more than 1,300 seventh, ninth and 11th graders in Toledo, Ohio.… continue reading »

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