Too many fish dating service sex dating in ballycastle county antrim

12-Sep-2015 05:34

The site is NOT user-friendly or they don't address any problems you may have!

Very disappointing, because it is a lot of people you can actually meet!

So, over the course of last year, I conducted a test. I uploaded 1 normal photo for each profile, 5 unique male photos & 5 unique female photos of my friends. No activity other than searching once a week & clicking on a few yes's on the Meet me page.

My personal pics were replaced with those of a barely dressed woman.

Picture of my pets and other pic remained to make it seem more genuine, I guess.

I tried to recover password & apparently I no longer existed.

I was blocked from being able to sign back up with same email. I uploaded photos & asks friends to help me with the photos as they were keen to know the results for all the profile descriptions were identical.

I've joined this site and paid my money and the site replaced my profile with someone else and disabled my account and trying to contact someone is next to impossible.It's like no one exist, so I joined again to see if I could retrieve information of people I had already met and no info...I used to be a member some years ago & was finding the ability to message for free handy.However, when in the middle of multiple conversations, I woke up to find my account missing.

The bio was part mine and part something new and suggestive. I'm just glad I wasn't a paying customer so I wouldn't have to deal with the nightmare of them having my financial info, too.My password was changed so I can't get the page removed. I guess that's why I always buy a prepaid card to pay for anything like this.