Trouble updating iphone to 2 2

23-Oct-2016 21:23

The new update can be installed through Software Update within the i OS Settings app, or by connecting an i Phone or i Pad to i Tunes on a Mac or PC.

According to Apple, i OS 10.0.2 fixes bugs and improves stability.

The full list of changes spotlighted by the company are: Apple had revealed earlier this week that it was working on a bug related to the Lightning-connected Ear Pods that ship with the new i Phone 7 series.

The issue caused the attached multifunction remote control to intermittently stop functioning.

i OS 10 launched to the public last week in the form of i OS 10.0.1, and the company has already moved on to testing an i OS 10.1 update that will bring a new bokeh "Portrait" mode to the i Phone 7 Plus dual cameras.

Apple has released i OS 10 for all users today, following the big unveiling of i Phone 7 and i Phone 7 Plus last week.

Apple on Friday pushed out a minor update for its newly released i OS 10 platform, squashing a handful of bugs for i Phone and i Pad users, most notably one related to controls on Lightning-connected headphones.Although none of the bugs fixed in i OS 10.0.2 were showstoppers, the top one —related to Lightning headphones— proved to be an annoyance for i Phone 7 and i Phone 7 Plus early adopters.If you are having issues updating your i Phone to the latest version of i OS, here are some of the solutions to fix i OS 10 installation troubles.During the installation process, you might receive “an error occurred downloading i OS 10.” These tips will help you fix i OS 10 Software Update Failed error among others.

Before heading over to different solutions to fix i OS 10 installation troubles, close the process, go back to Settings and repeat it a couple of times. Hopefully, one of the following solutions will help you fix i OS 10 installation errors. If you cannot seem to update your i Phone or i Pad to i OS 10 using the OTA method, connect your device to your computer. This process is only recommended for i OS users who have had some experience with manually updating devices to the latest OS.You can follow our guide to manually download and update your device to i OS 10.