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04-Mar-2016 12:36

He will crouch down to examine Tao’s injured leg after a rehearsal performance.

He took the courage to venture out of his comfort zone, going to an unfamiliar place alone just so he can always, always be by his side, sharing his joy and sorrow.

I can’t name it friendship, romantic relationship or brotherly feelings, because in my heart, I can’t find an accurate word to precisely express their special relationship. sorry guys ; ;)To become intimate friends, there must be love. Tao will take off his jacket on a cold winter night to keep Sehun warm (watch from ), he will carefully examine his injured hand after leaving the stage X X , he will allow Sehun to lose his manners and let him bully him, he will disregard his own safety in order to protect Sehun in a crowded airport X X X.

He will also indulgently allow Sehun to mess with the contents of his bag.