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Because we have the name of the seminar, “The Names of the Father,” and as we have the name of the seminar, however we can say that there is no seminar of Lacan that corresponds to this name.

The fact that there is a name allows us to say that there is no corresponding seminar to this name.

We are dealing here with a seminar by Lacan which does not exist.

There is an advantage in presenting a seminar that does not exist: nobody would be able to tell me afterwards that I have not talked about this or that. Fundamentals of Psychoanalysis Why can we say that there is a Lacan’s seminar that does not exist?

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This name will be presented as a proper noun, that is as a proper name.The name “The Names of the Father’,” the title, was announced by Lacan in 1963 for the academic year 1963-1964.We know that Lacan delivered the first lesson of this seminar and then came to a halt: silence …As if—we could venture into the “as if” raised by this hole—to meddle with the Name-of-the-Father in psychoanalysis was still impossible, as if the Name-of-the-Father should remain under a veil, as if those who dare to interfere with the Name-of-the-Father were doomed to some act of vengeance, as if some kind of curse was attached to the Name-of-the-Father, the curse of the Pharaoh.

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And, over the years, he clearly had a great pleasure in interpreting that hole.

He used to say—and this is found in his seminars as well as in : “It is not by chance that I could not do my seminar on the Names of the Father.” He regarded the fact that he couldn’t deliver the seminar on The Names of the Father as belonging to the realm of the impossible: “It is not by chance,” there is a need at work, that perhaps renders it impossible.