Turkish men dating asian women

18-Mar-2016 03:12

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appearance wise will vary more than any other country in the world, go south you'll see some that look exactly like Arabs, go east, you'll see some that look like Russians, go towards the black sea region you'll find towns with just blonde and blue eyed people, go towards Kazakhstan you'll find people who look like Asians. Most , almost all , are Muslims , however are very open minded and will never pass judgments on someone who wishes to follow their own religion (look up Ottoman Empire and their culture) 3.Tend to be very...extremely brave (hence the adjective: Turk), but this usually acts against them, as they cant act political or just simply smart, but instead just attack with everything they have. just raise your voice in turkey to a girl at a club or restaurant -i guarantee you'll be confronted by at least 5 guys warning you to act right. Connected to Point 4 - if your a tourist and a female, visiting turkey, especially for the beaches and nightclubs...

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That's all I will say for now regarding the turks.=) Reason 1rst: Greek wom En are beautiful and that comes from a Brazilian of a mixed backround visited Greece several times and who have Greek friends Reason 2 Greek women SHAVE Reason 3 Greek women have no hairy legs or body hair Reason 4 Turkish men are very poor Reason 5 Fyromian men are alike Reason 6 SCANDINAVIANS AND SLAVS COME FROM GREEKS FROM ANCIENT GREEKS ALSO GREEKS ARE SLAVS AND NORDICS MIXED WITH ANCIENT GREEK Reason 7 Way too different culture Reason 8 Greeks are hot not ugly turks Reason 9 Turkish chicks are sh..Reason 10 they don't cover their heads Reason 11 GREEK WOMEN DYING FOR NORDIC MEN AND THEY ARE IN THE FAVORITES OF DANISH NORWAY AND FINNISH MEN AND GREEKW OMEN VOTED THESE MEN AS MOST HAND SOME Greek women are the most sexual active women on earth and the best women in too I hang out with 2 greek women and they both date turkish men and i've heard of some other examples too...