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28-Mar-2015 14:28

Her music and career are already getting huge boosts from her RPattz connection, and it’s only bound to get better.Dating an A-list celebrity comes with a huge list of benefits, not to mention that she gets to frequent parties and industry events where she’ll meet the who’s who of the music industry and the film industry.Either way, they’ve ramped up their PDA to a 10 and started going public with their relationship.In fact, they’ve even sparked engagement rumors in some parts of town, with several sources pitching in and saying that Rob’s never felt this way about any girl before, even Kristen Stewart.He really, really likes this girl, and so what if she’s just using him for her career?Imagine the shock horror on the part of Twihards if Robert gives FKA Twigs a bud, I mean a baby!While all this love and romance for Rob has gotta suck for Kristen, it’s good news for FKA, eh?Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are getting serious, you guys – are they engaged?

If anything, he actually never did all this stuff with Kristen, which makes me wonder why he’s suddenly amenable to all this public PDA with FKA.

It’s possible that he thinks the public interest in his relationship with FKA isn’t as high as it was with Kristen, but methinks he’s just stopped caring.