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The Local’s robust archives will remain right here at – because we know how important preservation is to East Villagers. A while back, The Local was featured on one of Jim Power’s iconic lampposts.Now that the site is coming to a close, we thought we’d return the honor by featuring the Mosaic Man in some tile work of our own: a collage of just some of the people who make the East Village what it is, for better or worse (mostly for better, we’re happy to say).Hover above the thumbnails to see each person’s name, and click through to read or watch our past stories about them.We’re grateful that our subjects allowed us into their lives, to varying degrees.You can also sign up for B + B’s newsletter to get top stories delivered to your inbox.We hope you’ve enjoyed this collaborative experiment in community journalism as much as we have.RT @Uof AALES: Trump's pledges on free trade bode ill for Canadian agriculture…11/9/2016 PMRT @Banff NP: Find out why #mountainsmatter.

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