Unconventional dating

13-Feb-2015 03:51

You are such a strange phenomenon, so amazing & simultaneously horrifying.

Who knows where the night will begin or where it could all lead?

But here’s the kicker — dinner & a movie is totally played out.

You’re interesting, they’re interesting — surely that’s not the best you can come up with!

Perhaps you’ve tried online dating — a practice that, given the increasingly thorough integration of the internet and daily life, we’ll probably soon just call “dating.” Perhaps you’ve had positive experiences with it, perhaps you’ve had negative ones, and most probably you’ve had a mixture of both, but how often can you take your mind off the awkward fact that you have to first “meet” the other person through an electronic medium, creating a version of yourself to suit that medium?He imagines a world of “ideal sexual attraction” where “I meet a lady; we are attracted to each other; we say all the usual stuff — your place, my place, whatever, we meet there. I talk with a lady because we really like each other. But it’s not the usual oppressive sex where you worry about performance.And, you know, when I’m pouring her tea, or she to me, quite by chance our hands touch. No, all that is taken care of by the stupid machines.So here, for your romantic pleasure, are a list of 50 unusual, interesting, fun ideas to try!

But I think that’s not how love functions, even at the very simple level.I think the English term is ‘endearing foibles’ — an elementary ingredient in love.