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Even though most of the mission was a failure, it did free a captured Canadian journalist and took down Somali warlord Mohamed Tiger I. Although it sounds like an operation to take advantage of the marijuana laws in Colorado, Operation Nickel Grass was really an American operation to airlift supplies to Israel.

On October 6, 1973 forces from Egypt and Syria attacked Israel.

Militaries names their operations some pretty weird names — would you have guessed that Operation Viking Snatch was intended to stop weapon smuggling?

The idea of naming military operations has been around for less than a hundred years.

Operation Beastmaster was a success and over a three-day period the army arrested an important target and found stockpiles of weapons and pieces of roadside bomb making equipment.


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It led to the 1995 disbandment of the Canadian Airborne Regiment and the resignation and dismissal of several officials in the chain of command.

Known as the Yom Kippur War, the Soviet Union started to airlift supplies to Egyptian and Syrian forces while Jordan and Iraq also sent aid.