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To forestall Turkish and French expansion along the Trucial Coast, the sheikhs, including ʿAjmān’s ruler, signed an Exclusive Agreement (1892), placing their foreign relations in the hands of the British government.

In 1968 Britain announced its forthcoming withdrawal from the area.

The sheikh of ʿAjmān signed the British-sponsored General Treaty of Peace, abjuring piracy, in 1820; this was ʿAjmān’s first recognition as an autonomous state.It also subscribed to the maritime truce of 1835 and to the Perpetual Maritime Truce in 1853.This helps us to be inclusive while also recognizing the different needs and capacity of each national standards body.This map may not be up to date because your browser does not support SVG graphics.

The British left the area in December 1971, and the United Arab Emirates was formed, of which ʿAjmān was an original constituent.Economically, ʿAjmān is the poorest member of the United Arab Emirates.