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Stephen Ward (about whom the entire truth will never be told). Because I do not wish to be contacted I have not proffered any of my details. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5th January 2009 PM Aloysius Fozdyke sent a message using the contact form at The terms of his testamentary disposition (probate was not requires) left his assets, including portfolios, to the Grand Council of The Alpha Lodge. I do not believe that he had children (or at least, surviving children). His body was cremated (as is the tradition) in a ceremony that saw the Council of Seven convene in Melbourne; Victoria, Australia on 30th April, 2004.2nd January 2010 PM Aloysius Fozdyke sent a message using the contact form at - Petor Narsagonan – Frater 616 – died on Tuesday the 25th of March 2004. Being familiar with the work I know that there are names and information that could be researched. Perhaps Petor was applying the oldest trick in the book: if you want to hide something, make it public.

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Please go here to begin the steps of creating your blog: All the best Arthur Cristian Love For Life ---------------------------------------- 2nd January 2009 - 7.46pm The email Arthur & Fiona sent bounced so it is possible this document is either a prank or is genuine but the sender is protecting himself/herself. In a scientific world devoid of divinity the fear of the diabolical still thrives.

His demise had been expected and yet I have heard rumours of peculiar events preceding it.

I have filled in some of the gaps with the assistance of Fraters S. Whether the herd doubt the material I have forwarded is not of any interest to me.

A number of paragraphs were re-arranged in order to achieve greater narrative flow, for in some circumstances I was working from notes. I ask that you accept that I have my reasons for so doing. Final Email For we are part of His Kingdom; For Aeons and Aeons.

Among the material was this disjointed essay concerning the Alpha Lodges. His Intelligence connexions and influential friends miss him. Dear Sir, I forwarded the material to you and thank you for publishing same. The sheeple do not care that we have orchestrated it and have been since the Mount Washington Hotel meeting of July, sixty-six years ago.

I have felt it necessary to edit very little of this work, although legal considerations have ensured that some names and details were excised. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arthur & Fiona Cristian replied to Aloysius Fozdyke Hello Aloysius We will post this document as is in the Love For Life website here: (under section: Freemasonry - Secret Societies - Masonic Lodges - Fraternities with a reference back to you as the source/supplier of this information written by Petor Narsagonan. afozdyke @ uk ---------------------------------------- 4th January 2010 - PM A. Unfortunately a number of websites have reproduced it. I have removed some details; for example, the fact that J. No one showed any concern then, so when their wives and daughters prostitute themselves to put food on the table and the desperate sell their children, they still won't complain!

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