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The drops don't play any part in the development of the story and Cole doesn't show any sign of retaining the information received by them.Some seem to have been just made, such as the drop about the Voice of Survival's death.The Dead Drops provide a unique source for, among other things, the history of the First Sons, audio recordings of Kessler's experiments, the relationship between Kessler and Sasha, and last, but not least, the Ray Sphere.Through the last Dead Drop, "A message for John White." Cole learns that John was ordered back to the NSA by Director Houston but he plaintively refused as he still hadn't recovered the Ray Sphere.Unlike the first game you cannot locate them using your sonar, and messages may differ depending on karmic state imported from the original in Famous.For a full list of the messages in the second game, see the transcript.Shortly after arriving in Seattle, Delsin Rowe was contacted via cell phone by a man named Tanner Black who claims to be in the Department of Unified Protection.

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This may suggest that John had to make them on a timed basis, and thus, didn't have classified information all the time.

For a full list of the messages in the first game, see the transcript. Here instead of simply having to find satellite dishes Cole will have to find pigeons that have encrypted Thumb Drives tied to collars on their necks and knock them out with Blasts or Bolts.