Updating 3dr network drivers

15-May-2016 04:39

The mission planner’s Radio calibration page can be used to check the Ch6’s current input pwm value. The ROI feature points the vehicle and/or camera to point at a target.The instructions above describe setting up the APM/Pixhawk so that it only controls the Tilt (i.e.3DR RTF Quad, Y6, and X8 include a voltage regular to allow use of 4S batteries with the Tarot gimbal.The “T” pin should be connected to the Pixhawk’s AUX1 signal pin.

LED meanings Solid yellow = calibrating Blinking blue = ready, connected to autopilot Solid blue = ready, not connected to autopilot mission commands and the MP’s “Point Camera Here” feature should work if the Tilt Servo Limits and Angle Limits Min and Max values as set as shown above.

The “Servo Limits” holds the minimum and maximum PWM values that will be sent from the APM/Pixhawk to the gimbal (i.e. The “Angle Limits” are the earth-frame angles (in degrees) that the gimbal can achieve.

“0” degrees is straight ahead, “90” degrees is straight up, “-90” degrees is straight down. Testing the pilot’s control of pitch Once powered the gimbal should point to it’s Tilt Angle Min (i.e.

pitch) of the Tarot gimbal so when a command is received Copter will attempt to turn the vehicle’s nose to point in the direction of the target and tilt camera depending upon the vehicle’s distance and altitude.

One of the two “-” pins should be connected to the Pixhawk’s AUX1 ground pin.

Upon powering your vehicle, the gimbal will display a solid yellow light while it is starting and calibrating. When the gimbal displays a blinking blue light, it is ready for flight.

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