Updating a mainboard motherboard

08-Oct-2015 06:30

Upgrading an AMD CPU is a little easier as most socket AM3 boards support all AMD processors.

Check the size and capacity of your existing system case.

Extended ATX (e ATX) boards are larger than ATX models, but these are rare and are usually workstation-class boards that support more than one processor.

If it will be small in volume, you'll want to use a micro ATX or mini ITX board.

If you're planning to overclock, you'll want to incorporate a board that offers robust voltage regulation and good cooling over those voltage regulator modules (VRMs).


The motherboard is probably the most complex PC component to upgrade, but modern operating systems and standards have taken much of the pain out of the process.

And if you're looking to build an office PC, you'll want to ensure it has built-in video output connectors.Other complications exist, particularly if you're upgrading an Intel-based system.

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