Updating address on us passport

28-Mar-2015 19:19

You will need to provide your: : Additional fees apply for replacement documents.For more fee information, see the “Fees to Change Your Address in NY" section below.The NY state DMV requires you to update your address within 10 days of moving.If you are a military member temporarily stationed outside of New York, you do not need to report an address change.If you'd like updated documents showing your new address, you will also need a credit card to pay the appropriate fee (see the “Fees to Change Your Address in NY" section below).

You'll need to have your NY driver's license, ID card, or learner's permit with you.If you would like replacement documents showing your new address, you can apply for an updated NY driver's license/ID card, vehicle registration and title separately.To change your New York address online, visit the New York My DMV Change My Address website.To change your address in person, visit your local New York DMV office and bring: You will only need to pay a fee if you are ordering replacement documents. If you don't want a replacement, do not make any written changes to your current NY certificate of title, as this will make it invalid.

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You may change your address online, by mail, by phone or in person at your local NY DMV office. You will not receive updated documents when you change your address on NY DMV records.You can simply write your new address on: Do not write on your certificate of title.

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