Updating built in gps systems

15-Dec-2015 03:58

The term “GEN” refers to the hardware in your vehicle.

As successive versions of navigation hardware are introduced in Lexus vehicles a new “GEN” is launched. For example if your vehicle is a GEN6 vehicle it will always be a GEN6 vehicle.

For example, the information to be included on the Ver. This is necessary to allow sufficient time to verify the accuracy of data to be provided on the update.

The Navigation Release Notes provide information on changes from Version 15.1 to Version 16.1.

Version 16.1 is the newest map update available for purchase from your Lexus dealer for any Lexus vehicle using GEN4 and higher hardware. (Note: Map updates for vehicles using GEN5 hardware will not be released until late 2016.) The final map update for vehicles using GEN2/3 hardware is v13.1 which was released Fall 2013.

The final update for vehicles using GEN4 hardware is v15.1 which was released Fall 2015.

updating built in gps systems-20

updating database with dataset

Additional information on the v16.1 update may be found in the “Map Content” tab.

Lexus sources its map information from more than one supplier.