Updating client computers with win 2016 server

19-Jun-2015 10:01

It is rated critical for client operating systems and moderate for servers, and of course doesn’t apply to server core installations that don’t run a web browser.The update addresses ten separate vulnerabilities, which include memory corruption, elevation of privilege and information disclosure issues as well as security bypass.The update addresses twelve separate vulnerabilities, which include memory corruption and information disclosure issues.This month, Microsoft ushers in the season with fourteen patches for Windows, Edge, IE, Office, Exchange and Adobe Flash Player.Seven are critical; the other half are rated important.For others, it means the end of summer, the beginning of the school year, cooler weather (a welcome relief here in Texas), falling leaves, and the start of preparations for the impending holiday season. Rain or shine, hot or cold, work day or weekend, in sickness and in health, our users keep on using and our servers have to keep on serving.

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Sexy introductions on a chat site

Am I the only one who’s amazed that September has rolled back around already?

For me, it means I get to celebrate (or lament) getting another year older.