Updating data linq

20-Jul-2015 18:34

In addition to displaying data, the List View control can be used to insert, edit, and delete data. Parent; } return x Path; } value returned by the Linq Data Source. XPath Select Element(x Path); int max Id = parent Element.

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NET includes a variety of tools for displaying and editing XML documents.

A previous article, Working with XML Data Using LINQ, a Tree View, and a List View :: Displaying Data, showed how with a Tree View control, a List View control, an Xml Data Source control, a Linq Data Source control, and about 50 lines of code we could create a web page that displayed the contents of a hierarchical XML file.

Specifically, the page displayed the contents from a fictional employee phonebook, which allowed for an arbitrary number of employees nested within branches and departments. With relatively small effort and a few lines of code we've created a fully-functional ASP. The main idea, on which the application is based, is the connection of Tree View and List View, which enabled us to edit tabular data stored in more hierarchical XML structures.

The Tree View and Xml Data Source controls displayed the various branches and departments, while the List View and Linq Data Source controls displayed the employees belonging to the selected branch or department (or one of its subdepartments). The bulk of the work is done for us by the Tree View, List View, Data Pager and Linq Data Source controls.

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Recall that the records displayed in the List View may be located on different "levels" in our XML file (i.e. For example, when select a particular branch or department from the Tree View on the left, the List View displays not only the employees in that selected branch or department, but all employees in descendent branches and departments as well. We therefore have to write a method ourselves to save changes. We need to remember the protected void delete Item(string x Path) { string file Name = Map Path("Phone Book.xml"); XElement root Element = XElement. Save(file Name); } Our final task is to enable the end user to add new employee phone records to the selected branch or department.

We need to be able to identify the correct branch or department an employee belongs to when saving the edited values back to the XML file. Value private string get XPath Address(XElement element) { XElement c Element = element; string x Path = ""; // We will iteratively go through the structure to the root element // The loop will stop at the root element (we don't include the root // element in the address !! We need to execute code when the "XUpdate" Link Button has been clicked. Therefore, we need to create an event handler for this event. Set Attribute Value("telephone", ((Text Box)lvw Item. Load(file Name); XElement item Element = root Element. Inserting an item from the List View control is similar to editing an item in that both interfaces are defined through templates.

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