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Its data starts with the "ACFG" signature in ASCII.

PCI configuration can also be stored in ESCD, using virtual slots.

This applies mainly to early motherboards, more commonly referred to as "legacy" equipment.It consists of a method for storing configuration information in nonvolatile BIOS memory and three BIOS functions for working with that data.It contains information about ISA Pn P devices is stored.Typical storage usage for ESCD data is 2–4 KB The BIOS also updates the ESCD each time the hardware configuration changes, after deciding how to re-allocate resources like IRQ and memory mapping ranges.

After the ESCD has been updated, the decision need not be made again, which thereafter results in faster startup without conflicts until the next hardware configuration change.

Some BIOSs have a setting in the Pn P section called "Reset Configuration Data".