Updating firmware on stand alone divx player

10-Dec-2014 18:03

From the review i quote "The sound is sweet and crisp with loads of top-end detail, courtesy of the smooth and well controlled treble". From the review i quote "Because the Blu-ray player is Profile 2.0 you can access BD Live extras, but it also supports You Tube video streaming as found on LG’s standalone BD370.

I can control the volume of each speaker, the distance, etc. The feature isn’t found on the first batch of systems (from which our sample was taken) but a later firmware update will enable it.".

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And for once, it actually does - when you play a Blu-ray disc, the most striking thing is how naturally powerful and dynamic the system is.

Although the volume goes up to 40, we rarely felt compelled to push it over 20 - but if you do, the speakers show few signs of strain.