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11-Jan-2015 04:31

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The repo has md5 hashes, time stamp info etc such that downloads should not happen. [info] Resolving org.fusesource.jansi#jansi;1.4 ... How does that lead to sbt repeatedly downloading the identical artifacts without noticing or emitting any kind of message? [SUCCESSFUL ] org.scala-sbt#compiler-interface;0.13.1!

Why would I ever want it to download files identical to the ones which are present? Because this should be sbt's responsibility one way or another. [SUCCESSFUL ] org.scala-sbt#compiler-interface;0.13.1!

wrote: I'm only guess regarding the behaviour of "update". [success] Total time: 19 s, completed Feb 4, 2014 AM % sbt test [info] Loading project definition from /s/gll-combinators/project [info] Set current project to gll-combinators (in build file:/s/gll-combinators/) [info] Updating {file:/s/gll-combinators/}gll-combinators... Also noting the version of sbt you're using is helpful.

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[SUCCESSFUL ] org.scala-sbt#launcher-interface;0.13.1! [SUCCESSFUL ] org.scala-sbt#compiler-integration;0.13.1!