Updating left 4 dead server

13-Jan-2016 06:10

updating left 4 dead server-46

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Apparently less than seven days of iffy connections were enough to call Ellie to action, though, as their most recent mod allows players to take out their frustration against the very objects of their mental anguish.You know how every first-person shooter boasts some sort of in-game object that, when shot, explodes?In Left 4 Dead 2, as well as about a million other games, those items take the form of propane tanks. The “Shitty Steam Servers” mod simply replaces those tanks with objects that are based on the servers folks have been having trouble connecting through in the game.

About a week ago, a patch went live that basically borked the servers for many L4D2 players.

Steam actually got in contact with the folks at Steamed to explain that this was due to an SDK update that has since been rolled back and will be reinstated once further testing has been done.