Updating lilo conf

02-Jun-2015 08:39

It also provides the important possibility of passing a command to the kernel.

Unlike with the DOS boot process, the entries in the partition table are ignored when using LILO.

The main difference from the standard DOS boot process is the possibility to load diverse installed operating systems when booting.

A typical LILO setup: # # /etc/# boot=/dev/hda # This line often fixes L40 errors on bootup # disk=/dev/hda bios=0x80 default=Arch timeout=100 lba32 prompt compact image=/boot/vmlinuz-linux label=Arch append="devfs=nomount" vga=788 root=/dev/hda2 read-only image=/boot/vmlinuz-linux label=Arch Rescue root=/dev/hda8 read-only other=/dev/hda1 label=Windows # End of file These are the colours of the entries in the menu.

The LInux LOader, or LILO for short, is a legacy multi-boot loader for Linux systems.

In spite of being the standard choice over the course of several years, it has been slowly phased out thanks to the advent of GRUB, an alternative boot loader offering easier configuration and less chance of rendering systems unbootable.