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10-Mar-2016 23:03

While it doesn't have the feature set that Final Cut Pro has, it does allow you to edit home videos easy enough.

However, due to the nature of the Windows Movie Maker, it may require that you update your drivers -- in particular any driver that deals with graphics -- before you can use it properly.

If you have Windows Xp, you CANNOT download Windows Live Movie Maker since that particular version (which is the newest one) does not support Windows Xp operating systems.

In any case, since update support is nearly non-existent for Xp, I would suggest trying a fresh install of Windows Movie Maker v2.1.

You can display clips in the Contents pane in two views: Details and Thumbnails.

The Contents pane displays the clips that are contained in the collection that is selected in the Collections pane.

The Contents pane displays all of the video, audio, pictures, video transitions, and video effects that can be added to the storyboard/timeline to include in your movie.