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Successful implementation of many, if not all, of these strategies is dependent on the presence of clear administrative policies and organizational leadership that promote and facilitate adherence to these recommendations among the various people within the healthcare setting, including patients, visitors, and HCP.Though these recommendations focus on the hospital setting (a setting where MERS-Co V transmission has been reported from some international locations), the recommendations for PPE, source control (i.e., placing a facemask on potentially infected patients when outside of an airborne infection isolation room), and environmental infection control measures are applicable to any healthcare setting.In addition, it emphasizes additional elements of infection prevention and control programs that should be in place to prevent the transmission of any infectious agents including respiratory pathogens such as MERS-Co V in healthcare settings.

Measures that enhance early detection and prompt triage and isolation of patients who should be evaluated for MERS-Co V (Interim Guidance for Healthcare Professionals) are critical to ensuring effective implementation of infection control measures.

Standard precautions assume that every person is potentially infected or colonized with a pathogen that could be transmitted in the healthcare setting.

which highlighted the key infection control recommendations including standard, contact, and airborne precautions.

This updated guidance continues to recommend standard, contact, and airborne precautions.

This guidance does not apply to non-healthcare settings (e.g., schools) OR to persons outside of healthcare settings.This guidance also does not provide recommendations for clinical management, air or ground medical transport, or laboratory settings which can both be found elsewhere on the CDC MERS website.