Updating norton

02-May-2015 05:13

updating norton-50

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After norton setup, the Norton Live Update feature makes sure your virus security stays current.

Up-to-date virus definitions files are on hand from Symantec ordinarily.

With Live Update, Norton software connects robotically to a targeted Symantec website after the setup, determines in case your documents need updating,downloads the suitable norton setup records, and setup or installs them within the proper vicinity.

Virus infections will also be effectively refrained from.

A virus is a pc application designed so that, when run, it attaches a duplicate of itself to an additional laptop program or report.

Thereafter,every time the infected software is run or a file containing a macro virus is opened, the connected virus program is activated and attaches itself to yet different packages and records.

Moreover to replicating, viruses are almost always programmed to deliver a payload.

Most viruses effortlessly show a message on a exact set off date.

Some, nonetheless, are programmed in particular to break knowledge by using corrupting applications, deleting files, or reformatting disks.

Symantec engineers monitor said outbreaks of computer viruses to establish new viruses.