Updating openoffice in lenny trouble updating avg 8 0

26-Nov-2015 04:48

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Office applications You should now decide between Open Office or other alternatives, like gnumeric and abiword, I do not consider Koffice as it will install a kdebase, and kdelibs, which is like having KDE in your system.

If you want to install openoffice run: MP3 player You can try installing mpg123 Skype To install skype, you can download the from its page, or install skype from repositories Vmware Here you will find a How to install vwmare on Debian You should now have a very light, fast and optimized computer with Debian, Fluxbox, and all the necessary software.

Your own DNS server As some Wi Fi routers do now work as they should when they act as DNS server, I prefer to have my own on my laptop, so lets install pdnsd [Update] If you are using wicd, you can configure the DNS directly on each connection wicd will manage.

CPU frequency You may want to install this, to save battery power, and avoid overheating, for both your laptop and battery.

Note: If you want to have this but with Fedora or Cent OS or Ubuntu, install their server versions (With no servers at all) and then proceed like here.

Debian 1.0 was never released as a vendor accidentally shipped a development release with that version number.

[Update] Now a days, we better install Lenny, so go and pick the the latest stable Debian Once this is done, we start making the real work, first, I prefer to have Lenny instead of Etch so upgrade to Lenny [Update] How fast times go, we will now have upgrade to Squeeze, you of course may stay with the stable version, but I always prefer Testing on my Desktop or Laptop, and only use Stable for my servers.

I do not like to switch to root, each time I need to perform administrative tasks, so I like to use sudo instead, to do this install sudo first: If you do not want this, you can install gdm, or xdm, or kdm as you prefer, I want to keep this installation really light.

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If it can not start (as in my case) you may need to load the right module, read here to know how to do it, according to your processor, but basically you need to choose between these lines for AMD Sempron/Athlon/MP ( K7 ) Center ICQ is a text based MSN, Yahoo, ICQ client.After installing all these stuff, remember to create the necessary menus to access the software from Flux Box, or you will have to start them using the command line.

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