Updating remote server

18-May-2016 23:36

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How do I update my MS SQL Server from the version to ? id=26304 but i am still not updated to the version i wanted.

Driving down the management overhead of IT systems is a top priority for most organizations today.

The graphical interface, management tools, and management infrastructure can now be added and removed at any point in a server's life cycle, with only a reboot required.

This gives you a lot more flexibility and granularity, because you can choose to have the management infrastructure but not the graphical interface, for example.

This is a big risk for organizations not used to managing Windows Server from a command prompt or remotely.

In addition, in Server 2008 R2 and Server 2008, Server Core is supported for only infrastructure roles (i.e., roles that are part of Windows Server itself) and not for other applications. Server Core is now the default installation option for Server 2012.

In addition, Server Core is now an application platform, so applications (e.g., SQL Server 2012) can run on it.

In a Server Core environment, the graphical interface, management tools, and management infrastructure are removed from the Windows deployment.

One way to achieve this goal is to minimize the work associated with patching OSs, including minimizing the number of patches that are needed.

I'll first discuss how to reduce the number of patches, then show you how to automate the patching process for the patches that remain.

This typically means about 50 percent fewer patches and, more important, longer times between reboots, because the patches that are no longer required are typically those that require reboots.

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The main challenge with Server Core in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Server 2008 is that Server Core has to be set at installation time and can't be changed without reinstallation.You'll still need to patch and reboot, but you won't have to patch and reboot as often.

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