Updating samsung omnia firmware

12-Feb-2016 11:00

I was in this position a few months ago and after carefully learning how, I’ve been flashing my phone back and forwards ever since with no problems, using the free tools published via XDA Developers (made by various community experts).

To set yourself up to easily install any of the common ROM, Firmware and Microsoft Phone Update file formats, know/follow these points… Know that your phone can run two boot loaders at the same time and how to boot into them: You get to the standard loader on an Omina 7 or Focus by holing POWER + VOL UP + CAMERA then releasing POWER after the Samsung logo appears and it vibrates.

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This allows you to totally format your phone (fixing the official update problems) then go into a special low level boot loader mode from which “Windows Mobile Device Center” format ROM images can be installed.You boot into MAGDLDR by holding POWER + VOL DOWN + CAMERA then release when it vibrates/logo appears. You can’t boot into a loader when a USB cable is attached or Zune is running because that causes the phone to immediately restart or get taken over by Zune locking out access from the update tools.