Updating sap kernel

04-Oct-2016 20:04

Some parameter are present and some not know to the system.

Present parameter :- rsdb/ntab/ftabsize rsdb/ntab/entrycount The parameter name is not known :- rdisp/wp_no_restricted rdisp/configurable_wp_no rdisp/dynamic_wp_check Please suggest.

Dear expert, I want to upgrade my SAP kernel release 701 to 720. I extract file to the respective location (/sapmnt/DEV/exe). Please go through below notes if you meet the prerequisite to do a kernel upgrade in 701 systems.

Now I am able to start my database but I am not able to start SAP server. SAP Note 1629598 - SAP Kernel 720 will replace older kernel versions https://com/sap/support/notes/1629598 Note 1636252 - Installing a 7.20 kernel in SAP Web AS 7.00/7.01/7.10/7.11 https://com/sap/support/notes/1636252 Note 1487269 - Installation of kernel 720 in SAP Max DB SAP systems https://com/sap/support/notes/1487269 I had a similar problem.

Also take note of the parameter required to be added in instance parameter e.g.

==================== rsdb/ntab/ftabsize rsdb/ntab/entrycount rdisp/wp_no_restricted rdisp/configurable_wp_no rdisp/dynamic_wp_check ==================== Dear Michale, I check mention parameter in my system.

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