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15-Mar-2015 15:29

Unless your Linux or Mac operating system is very old your Te X installation is probably Te X Live.

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This machinery consists of Donald Knuth's command line program, which does the actual typesetting, and of an enormous number of fonts, macro packages like La Te X and Con Te Xt, style files, documentation, configuration files, and the like.Math Time Professional 2 is a set of math fonts that can be used, with a text font of your choice, to replace the standard Computer Modern fonts in Te X/La Te X .They were created by Micheal Spivak of Publish Or Perish.The enormous collection of programs and support files is called a Te X Distribution.

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They are designed to be most compatible with various Times New Roman families, such as the built in Te X Gyre Termes, but also work well with other families, such as Baskerville.There is now an installer for the Math Time fonts that works for Linux or Mac OS X systems running the Te X Live or Mac Te X distributions.

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